Cause of depression and anxiety

Yogesh Maurya
Namaskaram, I hope you all are healthy and doing well in your life.
In today's day-to-day life, people are struggling with many types of negative things. Which includes fear, sorrow, anxiety, depression and many other things. And sometimes these things also become the reason for their suicide.

According to an estimate by the World Health Organization [WHO], approximately 1 million people worldwide are dying by suicide each year, representing 1 global death every 40 seconds. According to the WHO it is also predicted that by 2020 the death rate will be 1 every 20 seconds.

This is not a small thing. We cannot ignore it at all. Because 'Our life do not only belong to us. From our birth until our death...We are tied to others. In the past and in the future, And with every crime and very good act... We define our future'.

Now the question must be arising in your mind that why does a person commit suicide?
See, if we just look at it as a life, rather than seeing it as a special person, one of the most fundamental reasons is simply that "a human breaks from the inside". The result of which can be suicide, depression or any other disease. But life does not break.

So we just have to see it as a life. Not as someone you loved or who was close to or loved by you. Because when someone commits suicide or someone dies, you get emotional. You feel that this is the end of the world but after the next few days you again return to your normal life. Everything starts running almost the same way and you forget about it. This process continues like this again and again.

So instead of seeing it as a person, you just see it as a life that 'why does one life do this?'
Many aspects of this may be possible. But a fundamental aspect of it is that 'life experience is not very pleasant'. Because you have kept your pleasant experience captive of success or money or relations or needs or many other things in the world.

If people fail in something, they will commit suicide. If a love affair breaks up, someone will commit suicide. If someone loses his wealth, he will commit suicide. Because you are unfortunately gathering your wealth, your house, your relationship, your family, your work, your position, your name etc. together and carry it.

See, the life inside us always wants to live. He always wants to get the highest peak. But life is always full of gaiety and enthusiasm. You are mentally vulnerable to depression.

Today you are entangled in the logical dimension of your mind. Your understanding says one thing, but your reasoned thinking says something else. Along with this, the repetitive nature of your daily routine life can also be the cause of depression.

See, you have to understand this. Too many argumentative moments are moments of suicide. Depression means that 'you are gradually committing suicide partly'. If you give logic too much space in your life, then your vivacity will decrease. You should only apply logic to the physical aspects of life. If you apply logic to life itself then you will be a victim of depression.

If you delete everything that means something to you. And then ensure your life rationally. Then you will definitely be a victim of depression.

See, the most valuable thing in your life is life itself. 'Where do you live, what do you wear, what do you eat, what vehicle do you have' are all the accessories of your life. You are alive right now, this is the biggest happiness.
You have to understand clearly that there is no benefit from being unhappy, depressed or ill. There is an advantage in staying happy and happy. And even if there is no benefit then what is the difference.
Thank you

Importance of Yoga in our life

Yogesh Maurya
Namaskaram, I hope you all are healthy and doing well in your life.

It was about 10 days ago. An elder brother of mine (Prince Ranjan Barnwal ji) asked me to participate in an essay competition related to yoga which was organized by him. But due to extreme busyness, I could not participate in that essay competition. Therefore today on the occasion of World Yoga Day, this article of mine is related to yoga itself.
By the way, I am not a specialist of yoga at all. But at whatever stage I have understood yoga in my life so far, I am trying to put it before you.

Most people of this world feel that yoga means doing something special with their body. But I think there is no need to do anything to be in yoga. But if your body is in bad condition or you are sick then you can work on it. Otherwise there is no need to do anything with the body.

There are many ways of looking at yoga. But in my view, yoga means that we are experiencing our life beyond our physical limits. Because our materiality is a collection. This is something that we have collected over time. By collecting something, you feel that you are there and you limit yourself there. Therefore, this is the basis of ignorance in the world.

But at the level of experience there are many ways to go beyond this. These tools are called yoga practice and the science behind it is called yoga. So let's try to understand some of its points -

Air is the most dynamic element in our body composed of five elements. Because every 1 minute we breathe about 12 to 20 times and release it. So it is definitely important for us what kind of air we breathe. And we all know this too. But how and how much we breathe in consciousness is equally important. Therefore it is necessary that we breathe better and while being in contact with nature, we should do something that makes the breath in a dynamic state.

You can see that when the body feels that the air is pure and vibrant, the body breathes in a different way and there is transaction and purification inside the body. So it becomes very important especially for the youth. Because it increases the integrity and strength of the body.

Furthermore, we can only do yoga in our mind, in our body, in our emotions or in our energies. Or we can also do yoga just by the way we sit and stand. Because in the process of development of our body, our brain developed only after our spine went from horizontal to vertical. So whenever possible you just have to sit upright while being alert. With this, not only your posture but your way of thinking, seeing and experiencing life starts to change gradually.

So yoga always pays attention to rest of the limbs. Because our basic health and how long we live and how our body works, it depends on the secretions and functions of these organs.

Lord Shri Krishna has also said in Srimad Bhagavad Gita-
 "Yogasthah Kuru Karmani"
 That is, 'Settle in yoga and then work' (Perform your duty and abandon all attachment to success or failure. Such equality of mind is called Yoga).
Thank you

How to Make the Right decision in Life

Yogesh Maurya
Namaskaram, I hope you all are healthy and doing well in your life.

Today's blog of mine will probably reveal some special and important pages of our life. And before starting my blog, I would like to make it clear to you that I am neither a missionary nor a follower of any particular religion.
This blog of mine is especially inspired by my sister's mindset which makes her difficult to decide. So for the purpose of understanding it correctly and finding its suitable alternative, I begin my talk by following the teachings of Lord Krishna in the Srimad Bhagavad Gita.

See, every moment of our life is a moment of decision. We have to decide another position while staying at each post and the decision leaves its impact. Decisions made today create happiness or sorrow in the future, not only for yourself but also for every person who is associated with you and sometimes for generations to come.
Whenever we face a dilemma, that is, a time of crisis, our mind is filled with anxiety and uncertainty. So that moment of decision becomes war and our mind becomes war land. Most of the decisions we make throughout our life are not just to remedy our problems, but only to calm our mind.

Then the question is, will the mind struggling with war take any worthy decision?
See, indeed, when a person makes a decision with a calm mind, he creates a happy future for himself. But when a person decides to calm his mind, then he creates difficulties for himself in the future. You will consider it yourself.
Because at the time of decision we always base the suggestion, information or advice of another. And the basis of our future depends on the decision taken in our present. So we must consider that 'Is our future a result of someone else's advice and suggestion? Is our entire life a result of someone else's intelligence?

We all have experienced that different people give different suggestions or advice in the same situation. A heart full of religion suggests righteousness, and a heart full of unrighteousness suggests unrighteousness. That is, is it not necessary that before accepting someone's suggestion or advice, you should establish religion in your heart and consider it. Think about it yourself.

We all want to make our today's decisions based on the future. It is the purpose of all of us to make such decisions in the present, 'May the future be prosperous, the future safe.'
You look at your life. Isn't the future behind most of your decisions? Because we all have the right to try to make our life simple and happy. But none of us have knowledge of the future. We can only imagine the future. So in this way we make all important decisions of life on the basis of imagination.
Then the question for you is 'can there be any other way to decide?' You must consider it.

See, no one really knows whether he is making the right decision or wrong. Those who think they are always right are terrible people. Because they think everyone except them is wrong. If all is wrong and only you are right then it is a sign of madness. This is not a sign of your correctness at all.
Therefore, when you are properly balanced and clear, then only take a decision and spend valuable time of your life in it. This will definitely bring some great results.
Thank you.